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The market for dairy product packaging continues to GROW with an increase in the types of products available to meet customer expectations.

Titan Packaging Flex has extensive experience in milk packaging and offers a range of shapes and sizes to promote your product and deliver what your customers want. There has been a substantial change in the yoghurt packaging market with a variety of forms of single serve products being developed to meet customer expectations.

As a leading supplier of packaging to the dairy products market, we have a wealth of experience in meeting both functional and image requirements. Many of our clients are looking for durable and cost-effective packaging solutions. We provide efficient delivery for retailers, as well as increased convenience for consumers.

Whether you need to meet the transportation and display needs of milk packaging or the retail requirements of yoghurt packaging, we offer a range of packaging solutions that will ensure we can meet your needs.

If you require your packaging to be a specific shape and size, Titan Packaging Flex offers a custom digital printing service for milk packaging, yoghurt packaging, and other dairy packaging needs. We can print more than 2000 bags, and we deliver on a fast turnaround with no setup cost.

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HACCP & ISO9001 certified

HACCP & ISO9001 certified