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For many pet owners, the responsibility of
providing quality NUTRITIOUS food to their
pet is something they take very seriouslya

The choice of pet food is often influenced by the packaging, its appearance, and how easy it is to use. If you have put in the work to develop a quality pet food for your customers’ beloved pets, then it is important that you do not reduce the chance of it being purchased by using poor quality packaging. You will be able to convey the quality of the product through the quality of your packaging.

Titan Packaging provides a great selection of pet food packaging products that will make your pet food and treats stand out on the shelves. Our customised pet food bags and pouches enhance the visual appeal of your brand and product. Single serve cat and dog food packaging is a design trend that offers convenience and accessibility for your customers while also boosting your revenue.

If you require packaging of a specific shape and size, Titan Packaging offers a custom digital printing service for cat and dog food packaging bags. We can print over 2000 bags with a fast turnaround and no setup cost.

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HACCP & ISO9001 certified

HACCP & ISO9001 certified