Pharmaceutical &
Personal Health

Modern consumers are more HEALTH
conscious than ever, and they have many
pharmaceutical options to choose from.
Titan Packaging Flex understands how competitive this market is and we have the necessary skills and expertise to assist you in selecting suitable pharmaceutical packaging for your product.

Titan Packaging can provide you with pharmaceutical packaging that is a step above the rest. Our pharmaceutical packaging products are designed to increase your storage capacity by taking up less space in your warehouse, as well as reducing the cost of transporting them to your point of sale.

Our flexible packaging solutions can be customised to meet the unique requirements of your pharmaceutical product. We understand how important it is that the packaging protects the product contents from spoilage, breakage, and leakage, while also being used for promotional purposes.

We can provide custom digital printing for pharmaceutical packaging in a variety of shapes, materials, sizes, and finishes with quality graphics and label printing in a range of colours and styles. We are available to print over 2000 bags at a fast turnaround with no setup cost.

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What makes us the ideal for pharmaceutical solutions?

HACCP & ISO9001 certified

HACCP & ISO9001 certified